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Hi there,

Some of you 'Signature Ladies' may know me as Zowie's sister and Jacky's daughter... Others may remember me as the crazy girl who worked in the boutique for a while (often making inappropriate jokes in the changing room and causing lots of belly giggles with silliness as you chose your beautiful gowns).

I wanted to share with you a little story...

20weeks ago I had my daughter Sullivan, and due to a very serious addiction to Nutella across my wonderful pregnancy I found myself feeling the massive pressure of 'Get rid of the baby weight as soon as possible'. Now, controversially or not social media has led us to times where unfortunately (even tho it really truly shouldn't be) losing the baby weight as quickly as possible is often in the fore front of our new mummy minds.

Thank god I have my mum and big sister. Picture me standing in Zara changing rooms, crying my eyes out, feeling fat (yes, I know it's baby weight but didn't stop how I felt) not having a bloody clue what to wear to a family wedding. Enter Zowie and Jacky.

Over the past 15 weeks they have coached me to boost my confidence, given me sensible, healthy nutrition and exercise advice and most importantly steered me to select new shapes and styles of clothing to make the most of my new mum figure.

Today, having smashed my 3stone weightloss goal and feeling great in the summer wardrobe they've helped me select, I cannot thank them enough...

So why am I writing this post?

Well. Today I start the petition for them to considering a sister venture for Signature Brides... Signature Women!! These ladies are special, they are experts in making you look and feel amazing on the biggest day of your life and I truly believe they can do this for us all of the time. Health, nutrition, exercise and styling advice to boost our confidence and help us feel amazing every day.

I know I'd sign up straight away!!

Let's see how many likes they get... My guess is more than 100!!!

And if this doesn't encourage you lovely ladies to do it (I know Signature Brides keep you crazy busy anyway)... Here's my heart-felt thank you. I'm so lucky to have you xxx

Our response

Overwhelmed ladies.  100 likes in 4 hrs!!!! Thank you for your trust and belief in us.  Lets do this this space SignatureWomen has been born xxxx

Let me know if this is all possible.

Many thanks


coming for details.

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